iPhone Back Up Data Through iTunes At iPro Ampang

If you’re planning to restore your iPhone through iTunes, it is advised to make a backup of your data first. On some rare cases, the process of restoring your iOS can be interrupted. Thus all the data will be wiped out. The data cannot be retrieved unless it has been backed up before. Although it happen on very rare occasion, but there is no harm being extra careful.

Ms Siti came to our shop with her iPhone stating that she wants her iPhone to be updated to the latest iOS. Our technician inspected her iPhone and found nothing was wrong with it. Our technician advised to her that it is better to back up the data before restoring the iOS to the latest version. She was worried that her data might be lost, so she decided to back up the data first. Luckily she had backed up all the data because her iPhone was stuck during the restoration process few times. After completing the restoration process, we restored back the data that has been already backed up. She was so glad that her data is all there and safe.

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