iPhone battery upgrade YooBao

YooBao batteries have an upgraded battery capacity. This battery can pros and cons. The pros are the battery will last longer. The cons are the battery need more time to charge. It need around 10 – 20 minutes extra time to charge. What do you expect from a battery with a bigger capacity. It is totally normal and nothing to be worried about.

Mr Syahrin came to our shop with his iPhone just because he wanted to upgrade his battery. Although his battery health was still tolerable, but he wanted and upgrade. His battery was not in dire need of upgrade but he still wanted to. Our technician inspected his iPhone before changing the battery. He told us that his friends made the replacement at our shop. Our technician made the replacement in a jiffy as per the customer request. He was happy with his new battery. We at iPro Ampang provide the service to upgrade your iPhone batteries.

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