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Today I would like to share with all of you regarding the most important part of the smartphone which is The Motherboard. All smartphones,computers and even gadget these days need motherboard to function properly according to the manufacturer. Smartphone has becoming the most important gadget in our daily lives. Company like Apple already controlled the market of mobile technology which means as the new iPhone comes out. There will be features and also different motherboard compare to the old iPhone model.

What is Motherboard?

Our main question here is what is motherboard? why is it so important for smartphone?

Motherboard is like a brain of the smartphone and it has all the functionalities for the user to interact with. It consists many different types of components including Integrated Circuit chip that is used as data processing. Making calls, taking a picture, recording a video, using Map as navigation and more can be done on your iPhone. All of that is processed by your motherboard. However, if there are problems with the motherboard of your iPhone, there are some functionalities that you cannot use or even the worst case scenario your phone would not even turn on.

iPhone 8 Plus Motherboard

Why Repair The Motherboard With Us?

We can do checking for customer’s iPhone or other smartphone for free. It means if you suspect there are issues with your phone, you can come directly to us as for light diagnose and full diagnose motherboard are free. As for the motherboard full diagnose, it would take 1 week of process.

After we check the motherboard issue, we will call our customers and told them the damage on the motherboard and also total cost of repair it. We will make sure the information given regarding their motherboard issue is accurate. 1 month warranty also given to the customers who wanted to repair their iPhone’s motherboard.

Integrated Circuit chip replacement

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