iPhone X back glass cracked repair at iPro Ampang

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iPhone X supports wireless charging. All the iPhones model that came out together with iPhone X are able to charge wirellessly. Models that came after iPhone X are able to charge wirelessly too. Since iPhone X is able to charge wirelessly, the back of the phone is made of glass. As you probably know, glass are more prone to be broken. A cracked screen does not interfere the iPhone capability to charge wirelessly but it is sore to the user’s eye sight. The back glass can be replaced and need to be done with care. A small mistake may damage the wireless charging mechanism and render it useless. Our technician always take proper care when handling the back glass. Eventhough it seems like an easy fix but it really is not. The iPhone’s part need to removed in order to replace the back glass. Everything need to be removed to eliminate the possibility of damaging the wireless chargin mechanism.

A customer came to our shop with iPhone X that has been cracked. The crack was on the back glass. We were worried that the wireless charging is not working but luckily it was working just fine. We removed all the parts one by one and took extra care when handling the phone. All went well and the back glass was succesfuly replaced within 2 hours. The customer was happy with the new back glass and joined our annual lucky draw contest. Our lucky draw contest has a grand prize of Apple Watch Series 2 and other prizes worth up RM 500.

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