iPhone X Cannot Turn On Battery Replacement at iPro Ampang

There are a lot of reasons for a phone cannot be turn on. There may be some parts in the phone malfunctioning. Maybe there are some shortening, some connectors are loose, some parts are broken and many more. In some cases, the battery is dead. Once the battery is dead, the battery won’t be able to store any charges.

Actually it does not matter if it is a new phone or an old phone. Sometimes, you can receive a new phone that is defect from the manufacturer. The probability is there and if you are not lucky, you will be having this defect phone. You cannot guarantee yourself that with a new phone everything is going to be okay.

Our customer came with his iPhone X that cannot be turn on. Our technician was worried it might be a big issue to fix it. Luckily after through inspection, wefound out the battery was dead. After replacing the battery, the iPhone was completely fine. He was happy because it was a quick fix and he joined our annual lucky draw afterwards. We are giving away an Apple Watch Series 2 as the main prize and other prized worth up to RM 500.

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