iPhone X water damage – change original OLED screen

Hello guys, today we will discuss about water damage. Supposedly a lot of phone manufacturer has given water resistant certification. It is water resistant and it is not water proof. IT IS NOT WATER PROOF. It means it is only water resistant and not water proof. The phone will be able to resist water just a bit. You cannot bring the phone to swimming, swimming or dropping into water for a long time. In theory, the phone is supposed to withstand water like it is stated, but sometimes it does not.

Why phone with water resistant can be damaged by water

Next, if the phone is damaged by water and it has certification from the manufacturer such as iPhone and Samsung. The phone cannot be claimed for warranty if it is damaged by water. The manufacturer always clearly states how long the phone can be dipped in water and until a certain depth only.

iPhone X and all the iPhone that has water resistant certification, they have a thin lining of rubber between the screen and the phone’s body. Once the phone has been opened, the seal will be broken thus the phone will be water resistant anymore. Because of this, we always tell our customer about this over and over again. When a customer buys a phone from a third party or second hand, you cannot be certain whether the seal has been broken or not. If you cannot be certain about the seal, just consider the phone is no longer water resistant.Obviously the phone will be damaged if the seal is broken.

Mr Eaga posing after repairing his iPhone X at iPro Ampang

This is mr Eaga. He came to us with his iPhone X that has been dropped in water. We inspected his phone and told him that the seal seal has been broken already before we opened his phone for checking. Luckily the phone’s motherboard was okay and the screen need to be changed. The screen replacement took around 20 minutes after our technician have checked the phone condition. He joined our annual lucky draw contest with a Apple Watch Series 2 as the grand prize and other prizes up to RM 500.

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