iPhone Xs Max Water Damage Repair At iPro Ampang

All phones are prone to water damage. A phone that has water resistant certification can also be damaged by water sometimes. All the phones with water resistant certification has a seal that cannot be broken. Once the seal is broken, no one can replace the seal except the phone’s manufacturer.

A customer came to our shop with his iPhone Xs Max that was damages with water. The phone was unable to turn on. Our technician was worried it may be a motherboard issue. Luckily it wasn’t. The screen was damaged severely and there was some burn marks on the back of the screen. Our technician replaced the screen with a test screen and it was okay. Our technician checked the iPhone throughly for other damages. The iPhone’s screen was the only part that was damaged. The customer was so happy that the screen was the only need to be replaced. The replacement took around 20 minutes. Later, the customer joined our annual lucky draw. We are giving a Apple Watch Series 2 as the main prize and other prizes worth up to RM 500.

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