Today is a short topic of an article I would like to share with you guys. This is more about the service you’ll be experiencing if you do any phone parts replacements at IPRO Ampang.  I would like to start by stating my opinions when you buy parts for your phones online. I am not saying that these sellers are nowhere near to be trusted, but there are some people out there are greedy and swindlers. In addition, buying parts online cannot guarantee you of being able to use the part. This is because just from its looks it seem perfectly fine, but it can be as useless as a chocolate teapot. And by the time you would want yourself a refund, you will have a hard time contacting the seller to get another piece. The worst part of it is the seller will end up ghosting from you.





It is harmful for your device that you have spent thousands of Ringgits on, and replace it with parts that you are not sure of its functionality. Faulty parts can damage your phone and it can affect other parts on your smartphones too! This can get ugly if it affects your motherboard which is a much bigger problem. Motherboard-related repair will put your data at risk as it has a tendency of successful or failure to retain your data after the repair.




Next I would like to jump into the services we provide at IPRO Ampang. We provide both hardware replacement and motherboard repairing. These hardware parts including LCD, battery, front and back camera, etc. Hardware replacement will approximately take 20 to 45 minutes, or it might differ depends on the complexity of the replacement. The first thing our technicians will do is exchanging words with our customers such as the problems that occurred on their phones, when did the problem happen, etc. We do not just simply do the replacement right away. For example, if a customer walks in our shop with an LCD shows no display (blank screen), our technician will ask the customer if he/she has dropped the phone before this problem existed.



Next, our technician will ask for permission to disassemble the phone for diagnose purposes. We provide face-to-face repairing so our customers are free to ask if he/she has any questions related to the parts from our shop. We are pleased to share the tips of taking care of their smartphones too! IPRO Ampang also gives you a period of a 1 to 18 months of warranty, depending on the parts of the smartphones.For instance, we give you 18 months of warranty for Yoobao battery but it voids warranty if the battery is swollen as this could be a motherboard problem (if this is not the first time it swollen).



Once again, we recommend you to do the replacement at IPRO Ampang as we provide warranty and if there is any problem occurs within this period of warranty, we will change it with a new one. We are open every day from 10AM to 9PM (except for Friday, 3PM to 9PM). Our team consists of professional, experienced and well-trained technician upon repairing smartphones!


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