Greetings everyone! For today’s repairing post, I would like to share with you one of our customers that did an LCD replacement for his Android phone which is Oppo F1s. Our customer named Fauzi Samsul had a problem with his phone screen where it had a number of lines displaying on the screen.




Mr. Fauzi Samsul had been experiencing lines displaying on his Oppo F1s screen and got his phone fixed by replacing the LCD at IPRO Ampang.


The touch sensitivity is also affected by the presence of the lines correspondingly. This problem happened right after Mr. Fauzi accidentally dropped his phone while using it. At first, the phone was showing no signs of faults as he could normally use his phone such as calls, text messaging, scrolling on his feeds on social media.


But after a few days later the phone got worse where Mr. Fauzi’s phone did not respond but only a few seconds. It gets worse day after day that it finally displayed a couple of lines on the screen. Not only that, but the brightness of the screen is also kind of dimmer than it was before.




I will jump to introduce to you some of the common LCD problems which do not matter if you are using an iPhone or an Android. Smartphones nowadays are much more complex and fragile that as it was before. So, a slight drop can cause permanent damage to the phone parts if no action is taken.


Some of the common LCD problems are no display on the screen even that you are aware that the phone is switched on and the screen does not respond to your touch on any part of the screen which it is kind of freezes. Last but not least, just like what Mr. Fauzi is experiencing which is the presence of lines on the screen. All of these problems that I have mentioned is relatable, meaning that some of the problems happen before the other, and it usually happens gradually.




Mr. Fauzi came to IPRO Ampang and dealt with one of our friendly technicians named Mahzuz. As soon as Mr. Fauzi handed the phone while explaining the problem he was facing all this while, Mahzuz proceeded to do checking on the phone before he begins to disassemble the phone.


The checking I was talking about is by plugging in the charger to see if the charging reading is normal. An abnormal charging reading tells that you might have a faulty phone part or a motherboard problem. Mahzuz found out that the charging reading was normal and proceeded to disassemble the phone.


It requires the right tool and a proper technique to pry the back shell of the phone to get to the motherboard before getting to the LCD for inspection. After successfully removed the back shell of the phone, Mahzuz then removed all the screws and plates that were securing the phone parts which hold them in place.


Removing the LCD requires some heat to be applied to the screen to loosen the grip holding tight between the ring of the LCD frame and the phone body. Mahzuz then connected a new LCD to the motherboard and turned on the phone to see if the existing lines are still there.


The testing procedure takes about 15 minutes to ensure that the problem has been solved. It is confirmed that the problem is because of the old LCD that was faulty upon the recent drop. Mahzuz then explained to Mr. Fauzi about it and how the LCD can get worse from time to time.


Mr. Fauzi then agreed to proceed with the LCD replacement which took about an hour and a half. This is because the gluing process takes some time for the glue to dry completely before the assembly process can be done. After the LCD replacement was done, Mahzuz then checked again for the screen touch sensitivity, the screen display and also the fingerprint feature on the Home Button of the phone.


Mr. Fauzi was given a month of warranty just in case if any problem occurs between this period he can refer back to us. Mr. Fauzi then thanked Mahzuz for his service before making his way to the cashier for payment.


We are happy to have served you and we would like to thank you for your cooperation during the whole repairing service, Mr. Fauzi Samsul!


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