OnePlus 3 Screen Replacement At iPro Ampang

There are 2 types of screen that can be easily distinguished, LED and LCD display. Now days LED display have advanced a lot like Amoled display, Super Amoled Display, OLED and others. A phone with an LED display would have more vibrant color and deeper blacks. The cool thing about LED display is that it only lights up the part that it needs to light up. For a display that is black, the panel would not be lighted up thus saving battery life.

A customer came to our shop with OnePlus 3 that has been cracked severely. Our technician inspected the phone and found out nothing was wrong besides the cracked screen. This model is kind of rare, so we had to order the screen before proceeding with the replacement. After the part came in the shop, our technician completed the replacement immediately. Everything was working perfectly fine and the customer was happy with our service for replacing the screen. He later joined our lucky draw contest and stand a chance to win a Apple Watch Series 3 and other prizes worth up to RM 2000.

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