A quick question! Have you guys heard of the new feature that was introduced to fellow Facebook users? Facebook has been around all these years for quite a decade and it went for improvements, introducing new features from time to time. Recently a new feature is introduced to Facebook which is specifically for dating called Secret Crush.


It existed to whomever would want to get to know people and find themselves a possible love of their life from just the tip of their fingers! So let’s see how this feature works! First of all, for starters you will have to register yourself on a few pages before you can begin. You will opt to choose your gender and your interest in gender. Facebook will do most of the work for you when it comes to your name and photos.


A few photos that are available on your Facebook profile will automatically be added to your dating pages, but you are free to customise your photos, add or remove the photos from the profile. On this feature, you will be given profiles after profiles of strangers on the page and you can either like or dislike by tapping the buttons located on your bottom-right and bottom-left on your screen.


That’s pretty all you can do (at the moment), but if the person you just liked did the same thing to you, then only you can send a message personally to the person and take it to the next level of dating! So that is pretty much it. But just so you know there are a lot of bad people that give fake information about themselves on the internet to phish you or using you that could put yourself in danger.


These are a few advices you that was given by Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) that you should take note of to whomever that is using this new added feature on Facebook :-


1. Do not be too open when sharing your private information such as your full name, your current address, banking details or whatever confidential information you may have when chatting with the unknown person you just have a match with. You have the rights to block or report the person if you feel uncomfortable of him/her who asks you for your personal information.

2. Ignore to whatever party that is asking you for money or plead you to contribute to a “donation”.

3. Never be too trusting on people’s information that they put on their profile. Make sure you do research in the first place about the people before meeting them in person.

4. If you are going out with the person, make sure that you tell your family members or your friends about the date such as the place you both are heading to and estimated time you will return home.

5. Make sure to meet at a crowded place instead of a closed area.

6. This is the most important thing to consider. If you feel uneasy to go out with the person, just give it a pass. It is crucial to be listening to your own senses before your actions may lead into unwanted situation.

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