Today I would like to share with you about Artificial Intelligence (AI). First of all, do you really know about AI? AI is actually a technology term that is used for your computer or your gadgets to be able to perform human-like tasks, it is programmed so that it is able to learn to read the data from its database of the user and able to interact with the user from the data. It has algorithms that allows the AI to learn on every data that it is fed, growing and expanding its way to help to discover through the data, automatically runs the data for several times or repetitively for it to get used to before it performs the tasks.





These algorithms are the key for the AI to earn specific skills in order to interact with the humans. AI analyse deeper data for it to self-learn about the operations that it is attended to do. From self-driving cars, voice assistants such as SIRI on iPhone, Bixby on Samsung, Amazon’s Alexa, etc.. Next, I would like to explain how this AI really works. There are a few theories, methods and technologies that are compacted to have this AI working as expected. One of them is machine learning.This is where that AI reads from the data such as statistics, neural networks and physics to teach itself without having to be programmed.





Neural networks is how the AI manage to response to the external input using the data only and manage to come up with such answer and conclusion of what to react. Deep learning is also one of the methods as this can be explained about how the AI manage o understand more complex and wide data of information and be able to interpret. There is one subfield in the deep learning where cognitive computing is put into play. Cognitive computing means that that the speech of the AI to be more life-like and for the user to experience as close to of communicating with a human on a daily basis. The third method of interpreting data for AI is that it has a computer vision. This is to extract the information from a picture or a video for. Last but not least, AI uses the method of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyse, interpret and understand the human language in order for it to respond to such questions or orders.




So now let’s talk about SIRI which can be found on an iPhone. The first model to ever experience the voice assistant for iPhone is iPhone 4S. SIRI is also present for iPod touch, iPad, Apple Watch and even in Mac (MacOS Sierra or later). So, SIRI can help you to do all sort of things, even human-like than ever, thanks to the new software updates for this feature. What is so special about SIRI is that it is easy to access, by pressing and holding your home button for a few seconds and you can command anything to SIRI such as finding yourself to a place elsewhere, texting your friend, calling your dad, etc.. You can also access SIRI just by saying out loud to the phone “Hey SIRI” before you can start commanding. But this can only be done if you turn this feature on on Settings. Having this voice assistant on our smartphones is SIRIously just amazing!



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