Greetings everyone! Okay for today, I would like to share with you about one of our customers named Chris, an iPhone 7 user. It was his first visit to IPRO Ampang to get his phone fixed. The story goes here.





Chris walked in our shop and he was served by one of our technician named Arif. Chris was greeted by Arif with a pleasant smile and was offered to have a sit. Chris handed his iPhone to Arif for checking. At a glance the LCD seemed okay, without any cracks or whatsoever. Chris showed Arif his iPhone 7 that had green lines on the display by playing random videos he found on Youtube. This is such a nuisance for Chris as he could not enjoy watching videos or movies on his iPhone, scrolling feeds on social medias and such. Arif then asked him if he had dropped his iPhone recently and he nodded with guilt but a smile on his face.


Jokingly, he said even though he dropped his iPhone several times but this was his first time to any repair shops! Both of them laughed for a brief moment. Without further ado Arif disassembled his iPhone for further checking. What Arif did the first thing was to disconnect the battery and the LCD flex cables that were attached on the motherboard of the phone. He swept the flex cables of the LCD and see if this could work. Next, Arif took a new LCD and connected it to Chris’s iPhone before assembled it with screws.


This is done without transferring the camera, ear speaker and sensors from Chris’s old LCD because Arif just wanted to check the condition of the new LCD such as the touch sensitivity and the display as well. This is because our team will check every single aspects of the LCD and we might not want to give you a faulty one. After Arif did the testing on the new LCD, not waiting for any longer, disassembled Chris’s old LCD to transfer the parts (as mentioned earlier) to the new, green-lines free LCD and touch sensitivity almost perfect! After transferring was done, Arif later did testing once more and this time was more precise checking including the ear speaker, sensors and front camera.


The replacement took about 30 minutes. Chris chose to replace his old LCD with a High Grade Quality AA for his iPhone 7 and one month warranty included. Chris was satisfied with the quality and also the sensitivity and overall, and I quote “It was good enough for me”. To end this, I would like to thank Mr Chris for choosing us as your phone service centre! We would definitely provide our best for our beloved customers!



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