So we would probably know the real deal about most iPhone which is the operating system of it. As you all might know, iOS 12 is currently out and being installed for most of the iPhone users. This is already a new face of the software, since it provides you the shortcuts on certain apps for a faster operation. One of the features of the iOS 12 is the 3D Touch functionality. This is only applicable to those models which have 3D Touch basically.



The new shortcut for Camera and Notes, for example, for Camera you can simply tap and press firm on the Camera icon, you will be directed to the options of scanning a QR code. For Notes, you can use the 3D Touch on the icon to scan documents and this would probably spare you some time. To those who do not have the 3D Touch for editing your Notes, which to move the cursor easier, this can be done by tap and press firm on your spacebar and there you go.




Let’s start with the features that is soon to be released on your new iOS 13. This is probably everyone’s favourite which is the Dark Mode. What does Dark Mode really mean? Dark Mode is where there are less whites on your phone! It’s actually the same as if your phone is inverted when it comes to colours. You will get the idea of this Dark Mode on Twitter where you can switch your timeline on the settings, and from there you can see the outer frame of your twitter feeds will change its theme from white to a darker colour.



The Dark Mode is also beneficial, as it can reduce the bright light ray produced by our phone screen, especially when you use your iPhone at night. The other features that we are looking for on iOS 13 is a new Home Screen. We are looking forward for the ability to do such customisation in our own way on the Home Screen for better simplification. Next, the new feature that we hope to see is that new gestures are introduced. This is one of the greatest feature as this can make every iPhone users make full use of for their iPhone.


For example, if you would want to undo what you just wrote on your Notes, you will have to give your iPhone a little shake to undo, by accident your iPhone can slip from our grip and would get you into situation where you would probably not want to be, so we expect for a different gesture, a simple gesture which doesn’t require much effort.



Last but not least, the merging of Find my iPhone and Find my Friends is always to be introduced on iOS 13. And we might have an additional feature such as the ability to find a lost Android phone using your iPhone! But this is not known of its trueness until the iOS 13 is officially announced and its availability to be updated.

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