Tips To Charge Your iPhone faster


1.Put it in Airplane Mode.
2.Turn if off.
3.Remove your case.
4.Keep it cool.
5.Keep up with battery maintenance.

Does it work ? Why ?

1. If you’re putting your iPhone into airplane mode, it is unable to receive any telecommunication signal. Your network signal, WiFi and Bluetooth will be turn off. The truth is this method mainly focus on excluding your network signal.

2. Obviously this is the best way to make your iPhone does not use any power at all.

3. Removing the case makes the phone able to breathe. Theoretically, the phone is able to receive more air and increase the air flow. Thus cool it down to enable the iPhone to charge more efficiently.

4. Try to put your in a air-conditioned room or at least do not put it in hot environment.

5. This is really hard to do because there isn’t any proven method to take care of the battery. The simplest way is to avoid using your iPhone while charging it.

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