For today’s repairing post I would like to share with you about a customer of ours, Mr Anoul that came to our shop to do chemical wash of his water damaged iPhone 8 Plus.


water damaged iPhone 8 Plus




He was greeted by one of our friendly technicians named Mahzuz. So, Mr Anoul is using an iPhone 8 Plus. As soon as he sat down, he began telling that recently he had been using his iPhone to record himself during swimming, so he used it to immerse the phone underwater to shoot himself. He told Mahzuz that he thought that the iPhone was given an IP68 rating for water and dust resistant.


Mahzuz then told him that he would be lucky if his phone could be turned on after a few times being immersed into the water. But that doesn’t mean that you are safe to use your phone on a daily basis. There is an adhesive seal around the iPhone to make it secure and prevent water from entering it. But if you constantly intentionally use your phone underwater, the seal will significantly lose its durability from water and break lose, and it is possible for water to enter into your device.


Our technician told him that the chemical wash will take around 4 to 5 hours, then only we could detect what parts of the phone is affected from the water damage. After the chemical wash took place, Mahzuz detected that there was a watermark that was obvious on the display when the phone is on. He also detected that the Home Button and Touch ID feature was not working! It is required a backlight replacement to remove the watermark and to bring back the functionality of the Home Button.


The next day he came into our shop to collect his iPhone. He was surprised that his iPhone was back to life! He was so contented of this news, that he showed our technician just a glimpse of his video he was recording at the swimming pool. He then told us that he went to the Apple store the day before he came to IPRO Ampang and he was told by the one of the staffs there that they would give him a new iPhone 8 Plus but on one condition which was to pay some amount of money.


He proceeded to the cashier to make payment. He once again thanked our technicians before making his way to the exit. Thank you for getting our service and choosing us as your phone repair service centre, Mr Anoul!


ipro repair iphone pantas ampang

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