Sometimes we use our smartphone without even realizing the battery started to decrease as we used it. When you realized this happened it gets really irritating to wait for our phone to fully charge when we really need it the most. It is small common problems for all the smartphone users out there especially when the device low on battery when we need them the most. The main question here is how can you charge your phone faster than before. Here is how you can charge your smartphone faster than before.

1.Turn Your Phone Off While Charging

This advice is one the most common advice that are given by people but little did you know when you charge your phone during off. Your phone saves alot of energy consumption and make charging to be more efficient.

2.Plug Your Charger With The Wall Adapter Than Your PC

The reason why it is better to charge your phone with the wall adapter than charge in the laptop is because your wall adapter could give stronger current output than the current output of your USB port laptop. It is important to use wall adapter that comes along with your phone when you bought the phone as it is an optimal choice of giving stronger current and protect from overflow of current to your smartphone.

3.Turn Airplane Mode ON

Network signals will draw more current from the battery of your phone if you are happen to be in a poor signal area. It will draws a lot of power to find the greater signal in that poor signal area. If you turn the airplane mode ON, Your phone will stop using network signal and there will be no power drawn into the network signal thus could improve charging time.

4.Do Not Use Your Phone While Charging

This is the common way for the user to use their phone especially when it comes to charging. It is important to let your phone charge first. This is because when you use your phone while charging, the processor inside will use power from the battery to process data inside your phone. If you let this happening over and over again. You dont just slow the charging but you also may cause the battery to be more damaged and becomes drain.

5. Get A High Quality Cable

High Quality Cable comes with 4 wires inside which are red,white,green and black. Red and Black wires are for the charging purpose. As for Green and White wires are for data transfer. Get a high quality cable that supports the current of maximum 2 Amps.

These tips could help you with charging your mobile device even faster. Fast charging is important but make sure your device can support these features. It is to make sure your mobile device can handle big power and protect your phone from any damage. We hope this tip will be useful for you to apply.

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