As time passed on, technology has become something that we rely on. It evolves from time to time and innovation never fails at making it exceeds to its potential functionality. Mobile network is one of the most important network for all human being. There a lot of aspects that we can measure with mobile network. For today, we will bring you a topic of What is 5G? This article will cover the basic knowledge of 5G to get you to know the true meaning of 5G and also the impact to the society.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile network. It can be known as 5th Generation Network. 5G is a network where humans and machines become one. It allows us to control machines,devices and many devices. With this technology, We are not just thinking about getting into the internet. It is about how the network can be transfer into the machines to do things we want with its capabilities.

History Of Mobile Network

  • 1G is the first technology that uses Wireless Analog Cellular technology.It consists of analog network and controlled by radio that using optimal radio frequency 150MHz and up.
  • 2G is where innovation began,2G is the technology that use Digital Cellular technology where it encrypted phone conversations. 2G provides a service such as text message,multimedia message and also picture message. Its using standard GSM module to communicate between radio towers just like 1G
  • 3G is an upgradable mobile network where it has faster data transfer than 2G,3G comes with applications such as mobile internet access,video calls,wireless voice telephony and also mobile TV
  • 4G is what we are using now. It has mobile web access,high-definition video,gaming services,video conference and live time streaming. With this technology,it has more faster data transfer between internet world

Benefits Of 5G

5G has a lot of benefits when we think about it. It helps industries to evolve into Industrial Revolution 4.0 where it is fully digital and it includes hardware control. Think of it as smart home, you walk into your home it automatically turns on the fan and lights with the high tech sensors and also internet connection between you and the smart home. 5G also helps industries to reduce the cost of labour. Imagine yourself putting into a position where you control every machine in factory, all you need is just smartphone,5G internet and server between machines. You can monitor the machine status and also avoid any risk or hazard with just one touch on your smartphone device. That is one of the benefit for 5G technology,it gives you capability of high speed data transfer up to 20Gbps.

5G also gives so many benefits for education. As an example, take Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) as a part of education today, students can expand their creativity in 3D modelling,calculation and many more. With 5G, it will be fun to learn something new for students. They can enjoy reading,writing and their problem solving skill will increase and help their everyday problems. There are a lot of benefits from 5G that we can cover but we don’t know what our future holds.

Service For 5G Technology

VR and AR are two industries that evolve in lots of things such as education,medical,transportation,e-commerce and more. It is important for 5G to be applied in VR and AR as it is to avoid latency and increase the data transfer speed. For multiple industries, 5G provides realibility and low latency for the service they provide. Thus, information will be at hands. Internet of Things technology also needs 5G. In the future, we don’t know what will happen but 5G will provide more flexibility to support services to ease humans lives.

How Fast Is 5G?

  • 5G offers 20Gbps of data transfer speed
  • 5G gives network capacity to expand in the global
  • 5G gives a new spectrum in the world of internet which is measured by mmW(milimeter Wave). This new spectrum is a breakthrough in 5G technology=
  • 5G provides low latency for devices that support 5G technology


The conclusion is we can expect these kinds of technology will keep on increase everyday and it doesn’t matter how many people get a breakthrough in technology, it can either give us benefits in our everyday lives or it can give a lot of terror or risk in doing it. 5G technology will evolve and someday we will experience this and think to ourselves whether does this technology have a limitation or not. Thank you for reading this article, we at iPro Ampang appreciates the time you take to read this.

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