Hello everyone! So for today’s topic I would like to discuss with you about what would the future smartphones be like, in a few years from now? Because as you all know we have gone through such great innovations all around the world, make use of all the new technologies discovered from every corner of the world to produce such incredible products from time to time.

This article is more of a prediction of what’s probably be introduced in the near future. So we are living in an advanced technology that is expanding, new discoveries to ease and to do most of the work for us, put us into the most comfortable state. A much more secure security of our smartphones such as the facial recognition, a significant improvement of screen display and type of LCD to generate such amazing outcomes such as the OLED, AMOLED and Super AMOLED.

Back in the day, cellphones are not more than is primarily to make phone calls and text messages and innovates to listening to music and watching videos on the internet. With these enhancements of innovation of mobile phones, we aren’t able to predict ourselves of what would have happened in a few years from now. No doubt there will be newer technologies introduce in the future which absolutely make no sense of what it is capable of doing.

The future will be of those you’ve seen on movies, with high-tech flying around our world, well, who knows? Flying cars, robots which we are dealing with in our daily basis, who knows? But let’s narrow our discussion about the smartphones we may find in the future.

So let’s cut to the chase by naming one of these unique feature of what the future may store for all of us, which is mind control. Mind control is some kind of a big change of smartphone technology that can simplify any human being in the world, from socialising, receiving calls, watching movies and for navigation as well. Let me break this down for you in a prescriptive way. For example of navigation, imagine that you are going someplace somewhere, you ought to be using apps like Google Maps or Waze.

Having this feature will be as great as you have the whole virtual map in front of your eyes, and you don’t need to do any typing for the map to appear, which means you only have to set it in your mind and BOOM!, in a blink of an eye, the map lays in front of you. The same applies when you want to call someone, but make sure you have the phone number of your recipient first! Watching a movie or video on your smartphone will also be as exciting as it gets with this mind control technology, which you can simply browse on your mind of what to watch.

But this can only be achieved with the help of another device, such as the Google Glass, but not as exactly as Google Glass which people are unaware of its functionality and why do they need one. So with this add-on device you will be able to put this into work to visualise a whole new experience in front of your eyes.

This is probably a fun topic to share our opinions and thoughts about what the future might store for us. We don’t know what lies ahead of us but i’m pretty sure that there will be a tremendous change in a few years from now. Tune in for my next post for more of discussions about this topic!

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