Do you have in mind of changing to a new phone? There are wide choices of smartphones you can choose, from the sizes, the specifications, you name it! There are so many phone brands that are competing against each other in terms of performance, camera and display, to be seen as the most dominant smartphone of the year! About last month, Samsung made three new launches of their smartphones which are Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E. Not including their soon-to-release Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, which is just near around the corner in April, making it four models for this year’s release! This is quite an achievement of Samsung to be introducing these beasts all at once!




In this article I would like to share with you some of the common fundamentals of these models share and also the comparisons, these aspects are needed to be put into consideration as to see if any of these suits the specifications you want in a smartphone. As an early start, the Samsung Galaxy S10E is more likely as the Apple’s latest launch, which is the iPhone XR. The most obvious similarity they both share is the much cheaper price from the other two models; S10 and S10 Plus, and iPhone XS and XS Max from Apple. So, let us go deeper in discussing the similarities these three models have, one of them is the processor, which they use Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. This processor that is installed in these smartphones is no doubt more powerful Adreno 640 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) than the previous generation, which is ought to be 20 percent performance boost than before.




All three models have a base storage of 128GB which is quite a considerable amount to store all of your data and documents such as pictures, videos and apps without the need of microSD card. These models display a dynamic AMOLED screen with reduced blue light and HDR10+ wide colour gamut. The display is always the real deal of any smartphones, and for those who enjoy watching videos and movies using their smartphones, this is probably the display you would want and enjoy the real graphic experience of your life! The most highlighted and well-known feature of these models is the Wireless PowerShare, which is the ability to reverse charging, the act of charging another devices by just placing at the device at the back of the S10.



Some of other specifications these models share are that they are given an IP68 rating which is provenly water resistant, compatible with the new faster WIFI 6 and they support fast wireless charging! Moving on, these models share at least two cameras, one is which is the primary dual aperture (f/1.5 or f/2.4) 12 megapixel camera and the other one is the ultra wide with a surprisingly 123-degree field of view 16 megapixel camera. More about the camera of these models, they can record 4K videos on both rear and front camera and also provide “super steady” mode which stabilizes shots upon taking ultra wide photos! These S10’s have Pro Assist AI-based scene recognition, that automatically adjust the subject whatever you are focusing at, which is as great as it sounds You will also get notified if you took a blurry image and also if the person you just took a photo of blinks. For your information, there is only a slight difference between these three models.

Okay now we are going through some of the aspect that separates these three models apart. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a 6.1 inch Quad HD and curved OLED display. S10 has three rear cameras, two as mentioned above, and the last one is for telephoto or portrait mode. This model has a 3800 mAH battery capacity which is allows the device to last the whole day with only one time charging. S10 has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built into the display. This is more secure and accurate fingerprint.


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