Why my iPhone battery is swollen ?

Swollen batteries, while not common, are a significant risk. They are the result of too much current inside a cell of the battery, which causes a build-up of heat and gas. This can be caused by

1. overcharging
2. manufacturer defect
3. deep discharge
4. damage to the battery

How to prevent battery from swelling up ?

1. Don’t leave your device plugged in. Lithium-ion batteries are meant to cycle – discharge and recharge – so keeping them plugged in all the time means that they can’t exercise to their capacity.
2. Use the correct power charger. Sometimes the original power charger gets lost or damaged and a new one is sought. Going for a cheap option might seem like good economy, but it may not have the same power output and could damage your battery or device, making it a poor choice.
3. Use a certified charging cable for your device. Cheap and uncertified cable might not have a stable current to charge your devices. The cable current might not meet the requirement of the battery.
4. Replace the battery if it is damaged or no longer performing as it should. All batteries eventually fail so if the signs are there, take action and replace the battery.
5. Store the device in a cool, dry environment. Hot cars and humid environments are enemies of battery health.

Solution for swollen battery ?

You can come to our shop and replace the battery within 30 minutes. You will have 12 months battery if you’re choosing apple original battery or 18 months warranty if you’re choosing Yoobao Battery.

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