The picture shown above is one of our valued customers, an iPhone 6 user. He came to our shop the other day with a problem which he couldn’t connect to wi-fi, that he had to get close to the wi-fi router to get a better wi-fi connection. If he moved further than the router he would immediately disconnected from the wi-fi.

So first and foremost, our technician asked a few questions to help us to be clear of the problem stated, such as when did the problem start, if the phone was dropped or accidentally immersed in water. Then our technician disassembled the phone and replaced the wi-fi antenna with a new one and later be tested to see if the problem still occurred. Two or three pieces of wi-fi antenna will be used or tested if one showed negative response because there might be faults with the new wi-fi antenna.

Wi-fi Antenna iPhone 6 Replacement

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